Trending Men’s Fashion

Everyone wants to be updated in this world of fashion. People want to look their best and wear the best attire. From caps to shoes, there are a lot of varieties available in the market and people keep all types of them for different occasions. Winters are having their own fashion styles and summers are having their own. The market is often seen flooded with apparels from leading designers and brands. One can get clothes customized and stitched according to their choice and of course physique to avoid size issues. Custom tailoring will guarantee proper fitting.

The trending summer fashion in men these days is to wear skinny clothes and bright colored shirts and t-shirts. The choice has shifted from denim jeans to colored khakis. Cream-colored khakis are the most dominant and are worn with dark colored shirts. A broad brown colored belt goes best with the khaki. As far as shoes are concerned, one can wear brown or any other dark colored loafers. These look very cool with bright colored trousers. A nice chic watch can complement the whole look. To safeguard from the bad effects of the UV rays from sun, good sunglasses can be used. A black or brown wayfarer will suit the best with this attire. One needs to carry the whole look with grace and confidence to do justice to the attire.

This kind of look will definitely give a chic and urban look to any male of all age groups. Not just youngsters but old men can also try this outfit to look classy. Gone are those days when denims were the only option. Now other fabric, including corduroys is in trend. The options are many with emerging trend of fashion world. For a man with a good physique, these are the best options to keep everyone’s eyes locked.

As fashion keeps on changing very fast, one can also try the latest men’s fashion and trends online. People should try fashionable clothes according to their physique. There are a number of options to go with. Casual-trendy, formal-trendy, and semi formals can be worn keeping in mind the work a person does, the group of people with which he is involved and of course his budget.

Six Must-Have Fashion Accessories for Men

Gone are the days when only women and girls used to wear fashion accessories. Time has changed now and men have several options as far as fashion accessories are concerned. If you are a man who is keen on making a fashion statement of your own and look more appealing it is essential that you wear the right type of fashion accessories.  Listed below are the top six must-have fashion accessories for men in order to compliment their look.

Elegant Wristwatch

A stylish wristwatch is one fashion accessory that every man should own, irrespective of his age. It is an absolute no-brainer! It is not only useful, but also a stylish and versatile accessory. It is a way to accentuate and create a good impression. Whether you work in an office or study in college, don’t miss out on owning a watch that matches your personality and attire.


One accessory that no man should forget to have in his wardrobe is a belt that matches with his shoes and attire. It has always been a vital part of every man’s fashion collection and gained great popularity since they go well with formal as well as casual wear. Men can select from a wide variety of belts in various materials and different colors.


Beanie is a great fashion accessory that men can experiment wearing with casual clothes. They are perfect to be worn during the winter seasons. You can present a trendy look by wearing beanie with a cardigan, sweater, jackets, and other warm clothes. Choose them in colors like white, black or grey to go well with your daily clothing.  It is also important to buy one from a reputed brand like Paul and Shark beanie so as to present a trendy appearance.


A designer sunglass is the most ideal accessory for changing a man’s look completely. Every man can find a sunglass to suit his face-cut and looks. They are available in various shapes, styles, and shades, offering a wide range for men to choose from. Choose a frame that best matches your image; usually, metal frames are more understated and refined and seem to be of higher quality.

Subtle Jewelry

When we say jewelry here, it does not mean that men need to wear necklaces, heavy bracelets, and other funky jewelry pieces. Rather, they can opt for a simple signet ring, simple chains and wristwatch. Platinum is the most popular metal for rings, while stainless steel or white metal watches are popular and look elegant too!


Tie is an iconic fashion accessory for men and a compulsory accessory for formal occasions. Ties are normally available in various sizes, patterns, and colors. It is essential that you have at least two ties in your wardrobe- one in your favorite color for parties and one in black or dark blue color for serious occasions.

There are always more fashion accessories for men to learn about, but the above mentioned ones are the must-have six accessories.

Russell Athletic Wear for Men

Russell Athletic is a brand that was established over a hundred years ago in Alabama and it has provided jerseys for many renowned sports teams across the nation over the years. The name is frequently associated with collegiate life since many universities have adopted the brand, owing to its durability, and high style quotient. Russell is now a renowned name in clothing teams, be it college teams or national teams in just about any field of sports. In fact, Benjamin Russell, the pioneer of Russell Athletic is known to be the creator of sweatshirts!

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Sweat shorts can’t get more comfortable! Made of soft fabric, they give you the comfort required while you battle it out on field. The swimming shorts have a net lining with pockets in the front. They come in three colors- red, green and blue. The Tees are made of 100% cotton and hold the legendary logo of the brand. They are available in sizes small to XXL. The sweatshirts from the inventors themselves breathe perfection! They have hoods with kangaroo pockets. The polo shirts are available in stylish slim fit with the logo embroidered on the side. The caps & hats are perfect for a game on a sunny day. They have the logo embroidered too.

Check out sportswear from the legend Russell Athletic! Stylepit offers free shipment for all its merchandize and has a 14 days return policy. Now, you have nothing to stop you from trying out the best!